In the courtroom, your attorney’s job is to present your injury case to the jury and specify the dollar amount of the past, present and future damages you have and will continue to incur as a result of your injuries. 


In a catastrophic case, the presentation of damage figures is a key factor in achieving the best results for the client. 


When damages for past, present and future expenses reach high six and seven figures, juries must be made to understand how these numbers were calculated and why they are accurate. 


In cases of catastrophic injury, such as a traumatic brain injury, multiple experts will be retained in different areas to detail the damages suffered. In addition to the testimony of treating physicians, life care plan specialists, vocational rehabilitation specialists, and forensic economists will be employed. By using these highly trained experts, a jury is given the entire picture of the traumatic brain injury victim.


Past present and future medical and wage expenses are broken down and detailed in way that makes it easier for a jury to understand the totality of the injuries suffered. The jury is left with a thorough understanding of the economic needs of a victim of traumatic brain injury.


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