Physical injuries may be the basis of a personal injury lawsuit. When the negligent or intentional conduct of an individual or company is the cause of physical injuries to another person, the injured person can sue for damages. 

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Causes of Physical Injuries


The most common situations in which physical injuries may arise include:


  •     Car/motorcycle/truck accidents
  •     Battery and homicide
  •     Accidents in someone’s home
  •     Medical malpractice
  •     Boating mishaps
  •     Airplane and train crashes
  •     Workplace accidents
  •     Sports and recreation accidents
  •     Fires and explosions; building collapse
  •     Dog Bite


Other causes of physical injuries are defective products and dangerous drugs and medical devices.


Liability for Physical Injuries


When an individual incurs a physical injury, determining liability is an important first step.


  •     In some cases, the conduct of the injured individual is the sole cause of the injury.
  •     In other cases, the individual’s conduct and the conduct or conditions provided by another party  share the liability (responsibility) for the injury.
  •     In a third category, the other party’s conduct is the only cause of the injury.


In the latter two types of cases, the injured individual (or his family, in fatal cases) may be able to obtain financial compensation for the injury from the liable party (or parties).


Losses from Physical Injuries


Serious physical injuries lead to many damages and losses for the injured and perhaps his/her family, such as medical bills, loss of work time and income, rehabilitation costs, and possible disability and/or disfigurement. Physical injuries can also cause or be compounded by serious emotional changes such as depression.


Don’t Let Physical Injuries Overwhelm You


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