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Commercial Vehicle Accident


Drivers who operate commercial vehicles have a number of different responsibilities on the road. First and foremost, they have a responsibility to promote the safety of others while driving a commercial-sized vehicle. Unfortunately, drivers in Florida frequently become preoccupied and cause crashes that could have otherwise been avoided. Commercial vehicle drivers, such as delivery truck drivers and garbage truck drivers, have a greater propensity for causing an accident. These vehicle operators are performing multiple tasks at one time, processing information and taking into considerations things such as timing, schedules and communicating with others.


Of course, victims suffer different types of injury, often depending on the type of auto accident in which they are involved.


Bus and other commercial vehicle crashes are a hazard to passengers as well as to pedestrians and others in smaller vehicles. Buses and many other commercial vehicles are large and heavy, so that just as in truck accidents extra weight means extra force and greater damage on impact - which can result in death or very serious injury.


Some common injuries resulting from commercial vehicle accidents can include:


  •     Wrongful death
  •     Burns
  •     Back injury
  •     Head injury
  •     Paralysis
  •     Fractured bones
  •     Neck injury
  •     Brain injury
  •     Spine injury
  •     Disc Injuries
  •     Internal injuries
  •     Scars requiring plastic surgery
  •     Children Injuries


Bus accidents and other accidents involving commercial vehicles pose special legal challenges, because they involve businesses or governmental with greater accident resources and experience than the average commuter. Bus companies, transit agencies or other controlling organizations can get a head start investigating and dealing with the accident, while victims and their families are still recovering.


Many government entities enjoy what is called "sovereign immunity" which limits the extent to which they have to pay for injuries to passengers. They, and their insurance companies, may also be willing to go to great lengths to avoid paying a penny more to victims than they have to. But you can get protection.


Protect Your Rights -- Consult a Commercial Vehicle Injury Lawyer


If you have been hurt in a bus or other commercial vehicle accident, never accept any payments or sign any paperwork from the bus company or the insurance company for the commercial vehicle, before speaking to a commercial vehicle accident lawyer. The lawyers at Lewis & Williams have substantial experience with the special issues involved in commercial vehicle accidents, including bus accidents.


The personal injury attorneys here at the Law Offices of Lewis & Williams offer a free consultation. For more information call us today at 561-444-2260.

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